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  • Technically a sequel to Mars: War Logs, The Technomancer puts you in the role of Zachariah Mancer—one of the titular Technomancers, a.The secret police are seizing power in Abundance, and Zach is cast out into the world to fend for himself.

  • 5 million Hot Lotto ticket that was purchased at a Des Moines convenience store in 2010.After years of investigation, Eddie Tipton was arrested in 2015 and ultimately pleaded guilty in June to three felony charges related to the crimes.

  • There’s a way off the island though, approximately 50 locked doors and dozens of puzzles in your future.Along the way you’ll delve into the origins of the titular island, Quern.

  • But when something is not part of your main business it can help to open source the code, which can then be improved.These days open sourcing software is a trend that even large hedge funds such as AHL and AQR in the US taking part in.

Latest Articles

DA wins fight over protester arrests

More: Arrests of Straight Pride Parade counter protesters in Boston turns into courtroom battle

"Fundamentally, the judge has no authority to 'deny,' the commonwealth's entry of a noelle prosequi," Gaziano wrote, referring to  the legal term to abandon charges.Most of the arrests happened after the rally as officers tried to disperse the crowd of counter protesters to reopen streets.

Forecasters eye several systems in the Atlantic


Published 2:08 PM EDT Sep 9, 2019

Now that Hurricane Dorian has passed on, forecasters are keeping watch on a few other tropical disturbances in the Atlantic.The only named storm in action is Tropical Storm Gabrielle, which is about 1,200 miles east of Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Google's got a new face-tracking camera for your home. We've got questions

You'll see a breathing green light beside the camera when the feed from the Nest Hub Max is available for viewing.Derek Poore/CNET
Google Home and Nest Hub gadgets already feature microphones that are always listening for the words that wake up the Assistant ("OK, Google" or "Hey, Google").

Google targeted in antitrust probe by coalition of state AGs

When most Americans think of the internet, they no doubt think of Google,” Paxton said in a statement.17 in six cities

Google said it expected state attorneys general will ask it about past similar investigations in the U.

Vape maker Juul under fire for safety, teen marketing messages

In a statement, a Juul Labs spokesman said, “We are reviewing the letters and will fully cooperate.The company has been under investigation by the FDA, which has oversight over tobacco and nicotine containing products, since early last year.

Talks with Taliban to end Afghan conflict are 'dead'


Published 4:33 PM EDT Sep 9, 2019

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump said Monday that talks with the Taliban to bring peace to Afghanistan after 18 years of conflict are "dead.officials was a step harsher than that offered by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who on Sunday provided a caveat that talks were done "for now.

Taliban don't deserve a Camp David summit, why did Trump invite them?

Smiling broadly, his kafiyyah flapping in the summer breeze, he replied: "I’m at Camp David.But not at Camp David.

6 interesting new phones you have to see now

Love it or hate it, the Galaxy Fold is worth knowing about.But now Samsung says it's fixed the Galaxy Fold's screen weaknesses, and we got to briefly try it out.

Elizabeth Warren endorses progressive challengers over Dem incumbents


Published 4:04 PM EDT Sep 9, 2019

White House hopeful Elizabeth Warren on Monday endorsed two liberal candidates who have launched primary challenges against incumbent House Democrats.They are among eight Democratic candidates who have launched 2020 primary challenges against sitting House Democrats and that are backed by Justice Democrats.

'I was roofied ' and assaulted


Published 3:40 PM EDT Sep 9, 2019

Camila Mendes is opening up about a dark experience.The 25-year-old "Riverdale" star revealed to Women's Health magazine she was sexually assaulted during her freshman year at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts.

5 great products at their best prices

How do I know these are at a great price?Today, you can find great deals on robot vacuums, Apple AirPods, air fryers, and more.

Rocks discovered from the day the dinosaurs died 66 million years ago

The finding is "the most detailed look yet into the aftermath of the catastrophe that ended the Age of Dinosaurs," said study lead author Sean Gulick, a research professor at the University of Texas Institute for Geophysics.This finding suggests that the impact vaporized these rocks, forming sulfate aerosols in the atmosphere and causing cooling on the global scale.

Dwayne The Rock Johnson says 'he's doing very well'


Published 4:44 PM EDT Sep 9, 2019

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson says his friend and co-star Kevin Hart is doing well, following his recent car accident.The CHP report says the car lost control as it turned from a canyon road onto the highway.

Get ready for MacOS Catalina now

Screenshot Clifford Colby/CNET
MacOS Catalina is coming soon.While Apple hasn't revealed the exact release date for its next major revision of MacOS, we may learn more this week, after Apple's event on Sept.

Apple's iPhone 11 challenge: Touting modest upgrades now as 5G comes in 2020

Don't expect Apple's upcoming iPhone 11 to look much different from predecessors like the XS.It's expected to introduce three new iPhone models, replacing the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR with the rumored iPhone 11, 11 Max/11 Pro and 11R.

Anti-Muslim 9/11 event at Bloomfield Hills Baptist Church in Michigan

and state representatives called on a Bloomfield, Michigan, church – whose pastor has called himself an Islamophobe – to cancel an anti-Muslim event planned around this week's 9/11 anniversary.The church's event includes a Sept.

Seven Decades to play George Harrison's Futurama guitar at the UK Guitar Show

Seven Decades to play George Harrison's Futurama guitar at the UK Guitar Show

(Image credit: N/A)

Seven Decades will play George Harrison's Futurama guitar when they headline the main stage at this year's UK Guitar & London Bass Guitar Show.The Futurama guitar has not been played since 1961.

Bobby Vega (Sly & The Family Stone/Santana): "I’m totally blessed"

Bobby Vega (Sly & The Family Stone/Santana): "I’m totally blessed"

There are bass players, there are musicians - and then there are individuals who throw the bass guitar a curveball.His CV shows no shortage of impressive names - how does Sly & The Family Stone, Tower Of Power and Santana grab you?

Is Apple about to stop you DJing with your iTunes music library?

Is Apple about to stop you DJing with your iTunes music library?As you may be aware, this new version of macOS will see Apple doing away with iTunes and replacing it with the Music app and several others.

5 of the best smartphones announced at IFA 2019

5 of the best smartphones announced at IFA 2019

(Image credit: Future)

Now that IFA 2019 is over, we can pore over all the announcements from one of the world’s biggest annual tech events.There’s a prevailing theme among the IFA 2019 smartphones – they’re all at the cheaper end of the market.