Three UK defends allegations it 'misled' the public with its 5G advertising

The ASA will now launch an investigation into Three's "if it's not Three, it's not real 5G" advertising slogan and decide whether or not it's in breach with advertising regulations.ITU considers this the gold standard for 5G, enabling consumers to take full advantage of what 5G has to offer.

smart city: News, Reviews, Analysis and Insights

Are smart cities a disaster waiting to happen?In-depth

21 Aug, 2019
Nicholas Fearn

Urban IoT promises to provide better healthcare, utilities, education and policing, but the cost to privacy could be high

ICO warns tech industry to rebuild public trust or face ruin


14 May, 2019
Keumars Afifi-Sabet

Regulator says innovation at risk of backlash akin to GM food scandal

Driverless Cars: Gov trials industrial autonomous trucks


3 May, 2019
Connor Jones
Bobby Hellard
IT Pro staff

Following a successful trial phase in Australia, the UK has introduced the first trial on Britain's highways

2020 vision: The tech predictions we got right and wrong


15 Mar, 2019
Nicole Kobie


Fake Android apps downloaded millions of times

Fake Android apps downloaded millions of times

(Image credit: Shutterstock)

Android users have downloaded fake apps which slow down their devices and drain their batteries millions of times according to research from Trend Micro.Researchers at the cybersecurity firm found 85 different photography and gaming apps that were filled with adware on the Google Play store.

web browser: News, Reviews, Analysis and Insights


4 Jul, 2019
Clare Hopping

We look at what this web file does and how it can be viewed.0Ghz


4 Jul, 2019
Keumars Afifi-Sabet

The performance of 2.

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Accessories & Tyres Features Tyre reviews: best car tyres 2019 7 Aug, 2019 What are the best tyres for your car?We test eight different SUV specific tyres to match their rising popularity to see which is best Accessories & Tyres Product group tests Best wireless charger phone holders 2019 30 Jul, 2019 We test the best wireless charger phone holders to find out which you should buy.

Jaguar F-Pace SVR review | Auto Express

CommentsThe Jaguar F-Pace SVR came late to the performance SUV party but was certainly worth the wait We’re big fans of the Jaguar F-Pace SVR – it’s a high-performance SUV with an intoxicating hot-rod character.Insurance groupsInsurance will be pricey: the Jaguar F-Pace SVR sits in insurance group 48 out of 50.

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Mild hybrids, full hybrids and plug-in hybrids explained 25 Jul, 2019 Hybrids are everywhere but with mild hybrids, full hybrids and plug-in hybrids, understanding the technology can be hard.24 Jun, 2019 If you're not fussed about ordering a brand-new car to your exact needs, then bag a big bargain and buy a nearly new car instead Car news Tips & advice Pre-registered cars: buying guide 24 Jun, 2019 Pre-registered cars explained: what they are and how they can save you a bundle of cash over a brand-new car Car news Tips & advice Tyre speed rating and labelling guide 18 Jun, 2019 What is a tyre speed rating?

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Fortunately, we’re here to guide you through the process of buying a great second hand car at the right price, with the level of service you want.Our handy used car buying guides are packed with information while our annual Used Car Awards identify the best used cars to buy in each market sector.

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Mitsubishi L200 News New Mitsubishi L200 pick-up launched in the UK 15 Aug, 2019 The Japanese manufacturer has launched its sixth-generation Mitsubishi L200 pick-up truck in the UK, with a starting price of £21,515 In-depth reviews Vauxhall Vivaro van reviewThe Vauxhall Vivaro has tapped into the PSA Group's DNA and become more car-like than ever to drive In-depth reviews Renault Trafic van reviewFront-running mid-sized Trafic van has been refreshed to consolidate its position in the pack In-depth reviews Renault Master van reviewThe Renault Master large panel van gets a new look and more efficient engines to go with its masses of space Renault Master News New 2019 Renault Master: UK prices and specs confirmed 26 Jun, 2019 Updated Renault Master panel van gets new look, engines and technology.Prices start from £26,350 excluding VAT Renault Trafic News Prices for facelifted 2019 Renault Trafic van announced 26 Jun, 2019 Priced from £22,800, the new look Renault Trafic mid-sized panel van gets improved cabin quality Vans News New LEVC van revealed with 80-mile electric-only range 17 Jun, 2019 LEVC LCV plug-in hybrid van uses range extender tech from TX London taxi for EV running, plus a 377-mile hybrid range Citroen Relay News 2019 Citroen Relay van announced: electric version confirmed 11 Jun, 2019 The Citroen Relay has been updated for 2019 with new technology and a planned all-electric variant by the end of the year Peugeot Boxer News Peugeot Boxer van revised for 2019 with new diesels and electric variant 10 Jun, 2019 An updated Peugeot Boxer panel van has been revealed, with an all-electric powertrain set to join the range by the end of the year Fiat Ducato News 2020 Fiat Ducato van pricing revealed 7 Jun, 2019 Pricing for the updated 2020 Fiat Ducato van has been announced and is available to buy now Page 1next ›

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We test the Kia Ceed SW against the Renault Megane Sport Tourer and Skoda Octavia Estate Mitsubishi L200 Road tests New Mitsubishi L200 2019 review 16 Aug, 2019 While pick-ups become more luxurious, we find out if the rugged new Mitsubishi L200 can become a segment leader Kia Niro Road tests New Kia Niro Hybrid 2019 review 16 Aug, 2019 The Kia Niro Hybrid has been treated to a mid-life refresh, but have the updates made it better than ever?Lamborghini Huracan Road tests New Lamborghini Huracan Evo 2019 review 15 Aug, 2019 We drive the new Lamborghini Huracan Evo in the UK to see if the added theatre makes it the best Huracan ever Mercedes G-Class Long-term tests Long-term test review: Mercedes-AMG G 63 15 Aug, 2019 Final report: our Mercedes-AMG G 63 SUV kept stealing the limelight and we will miss it dearly Ford Fiesta Road tests New Ford Fiesta ST M225 2019 review 14 Aug, 2019 Mountune has once again worked its magic on the Ford Fiesta ST, but is the new 222bhp M225 worth the extra cash?

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The 2019 Driver Power survey gave you the chance to tell us what you think of your car, car manufacturer, car dealer, car insurance company or car breakdown cover provider.We had a host of new entries in the Driver Power 2019 new car survey as well as some shock fallers and deserving climbers.

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Land Rover Discovery Features Best SUVs to buy now 2019 16 Aug, 2019 We rate the top 10 best SUVs on the market right now Electric cars Features Best plug-in hybrids 2019 15 Aug, 2019 The plug-in hybrid market has grown exponentially in recent years.Here are our top 10 electrified favourites.

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Nothing moves in the world of cars without Auto Express knowing about it, from future models to changes in the law.• What's in this week's Auto Express magazine and digital edition?

Armari Magnetar X200 4.5GHz 28c WS review: The world’s fastest workstation?

Alongside the 28 cores, Armari has given the X200 a sizeable 96GB of 3,200MHz DDR4 SDRAM.5GHz 28c WS review: Storage
Armari's storage choice is unusual and Intel-focused.

Def n developer sells $200 Mac-hacking iPhone cables

A Def Con attendee has developed a malicious iPhone cable that allows attackers to remotely execute commands on a victim's device and was selling it to anyone who could find him.The developer, going by the alias MG, said that an attacker could launch a command or malicious payload through a specially crafted app from within a 300ft vicinity of the target.

Leaks suggest graphene will supercharge future Samsung phone batteries

Leaks suggest graphene will supercharge future Samsung phone batteries

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus
(Image credit: TechRadar)

Currently smartphone batteries last about a day to two days, but that could radically change in the next few years, if graphene batteries become commonly used.Now, it looks like Samsung phones could be the first to enjoy this new form of smartphone battery.

The Irix Cine is an innovative lens that lets a filmmaker capture more

Learn more

The Irix Cine is an innovative lens that lets a filmmaker capture more

(Image credit: Irix)

From the very first moment the idea was born, lens-maker Irix knew that the Cine 150mm camera lens was to be its most versatile and advanced tool for a filmmaking artist yet.Thanks to the Irix Cine 150mm, every single scene should enchant the audience.

This fake iPhone charging cable will hijack your computer

This fake iPhone charging cable will hijack your computer

(Image credit: Apple)

A fake Apple charging cable has been developed that could allow attackers to trick their way into a victim's devices.When plugged into a Linux, Mac or Windows computer, and connected via Wi-Fi, the O.

Windows 10 Pro vs Windows 10 Home: All the differences explained

Windows 10 Pro vs Windows 10 Home: All the differences explained

(Image credit: Future)

When you count all the different ways Windows 10 will be available, there are actually ten editions: Windows 10 Home, Pro, Pro for Workstations, Enterprise, Enterprise LTSC, Education, Pro Education, Windows 10 in S mode, IOT and Team, leaving you with lots of choice.How to download and install the Windows 10 Anniversary UpdateWindows 10 Home includes the Continuum feature for tablets.

Android phones come with pre-installed malware

Maddie Stone, who previously worked on the Android Security team and is still with Project Zero, revealed that it is nearly impossible for users to defend themselves against pre-installed malware on their devices.This malware was harder to defeat than anticipated because it wasn't until March of 2018 that Google realized that 7.