'Dude this is lit!', 'Incredible' - Apple iPhone 12 Pro blows viewers away

The Apple iPhone 12 range of smartphones is, it is fair to say, massively anticipated the world over.How the Apple iPhone 12 will look and be equipped, though, still largely remains a mystery, and just how special any range-topping iPhone 12 Pro device is going to be firmly veiled, despite some really attractive efforts to see into the future.

Where to buy hand sanitizer: we've hunted down stock online

With much of the world in lockdown, it's clear we're going to be needing hand sanitizer for a while yet.We've been scouring the net for stocks of hand santizier (hand sanitiser).

The cheapest AMD Ryzen 4000 laptop with 8-core is about to land and it is a game changer


Asus TUF Gaming A15 - $999.99 from Newegg
This AMD Ryzen 4000 laptop from Asus goes on sale on April 9, and at the price is set to become the cheapest laptop with an 8-core CPU on the market.

Where to buy jigsaw puzzles: the stores that still have stock

There's been a surge in popularity of jigsaw puzzles in the last few weeks, which is no surprise in a time when people need to find ways to while the hours indoors.Amazon UK's in-stock jigsaws John Lewis' in-stock jigsawsWaterstones' jigsaw puzzlesThe Works' jigsaw puzzle sectionThe Entertainer's jigsaw puzzlesAmazon US' in-stock jigsawsSears' jigsaw puzzle sectionSome choice jigsaw puzzles still in stock in the UKHokusai The Great Wave Jigsaw Puzzle, 1000 pieces | £12.

Where to buy hand sanitizer – updated!

Here's where to buy toilet paper for deliveryFood delivery services UK: the best places to order food online nowHere's where to buy hand sanitizer right now.USA: Where to buy hand sanitizerCabinet Preparedness Kit | $30 at Cabinet
This kit from Cabinet contains hand sanitizer spray (70% alcohol), as well as cold and flu medicine for day and night, and Acetaminophen.

iPhone sale at Apple: deals on the iPhone 11, iPhone XR and iPhone 8

For a limited time, Apple is having a sale on its iPhone lineup, which includes deals on the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, XR, and iPhone 8.Shop more Apple deals hereiPhone deals:iPhone 11 for $699 at Apple | Save $250 on the iPhone 11 with eligible trade-in
You can save up to $250 on the iPhone 11 when you trade-in an eligible iPhone.

The best iPhone XS deals and prices for April 2020


(Image credit: Future)

The iPhone XS was first introduced in September of 2018 and was the most expensive iPhone Apple has ever released.To help you get the best offer we've listed the best iPhone XS deals and prices that are currently available.

With Onward out now, this is the best week for a free Disney Plus trial yet

Of all the times you could sign up for that Disney Plus free trial, we'd argue this is the best week yet.Signing up for a Disney Plus trial does require you to enter your billing details, but it's easy to cancel Disney Plus before then.

How to watch The Challenge online: stream Total Madness from anywhere

Keep reading to find out how you can watch The Challenge: Total Madness online no matter where you are in the world.Keep reading to find out how to watch The Challenge: Total Madness online from anywhere, and what to do if you find yourself stranded far from home.

Sony's new wireless headphones offer next-gen noise cancelling tech for cheap

Earlier today, Sony unveiled its new 2020 series of headphones that include two new models – the true wireless WF-XB700 earbuds and over-ear WH-CH710N.According to Sony, that new noise cancelling tech is called “Artificial Intelligence Noise Cancellation” (AINC) and it constantly analyses environmental ambient sound components, and automatically selects the most effective noise cancelling mode for your surroundings.

Where to buy hand sanitizer: these retailers have stock

Read on for a guide to where to buy hand sanitizer (hand sanitiser) right now – we've focused on online retailers so you can order from home, and have found suppliers in the UK, US and Australia.USA: Where to buy hand sanitizerUp&Up hand sanitizer | $3.

iPhone prices: what should you expect to pay for each Apple handset?

With so many Apple devices floating around, it's hard to know what iPhone prices you should be expecting to pay.As arguably the most expensive phone provider out there, Apple's iPhone prices tend to be on the higher side.

Where to buy hand sanitizer – updated

Read on for a guide to where to buy hand sanitizer (hand sanitiser) right now – we've focused on online retailers so you can order from home, and have found suppliers in the UK, US and Australia.Jump to where in the US to buy hand sanitizerWhere to buy hand sanitiser in the UKAntibacterial hand sanitiser (30ml) | £5.

How to get Instagram dark mode: for iPhone and Android


Switch to Instagram dark mode and enjoy a new look

(Image: © Shutterstock)

Instagram dark mode is an alternative color scheme that replaces Instagram's usual white interface with shades of gray and black.Many people also find that dark mode reduces eye strain, particularly at night, due to reduced glare.

Your iPhone can help you check for coronavirus

Misinformation on the coronavirus pandemic is easy to come by.Tech companies are stepping up and helping to slow the spread of both the virus and misinformation around it: Apple, for example, is using the iPhone’s Siri function.

Best home workout: get fit while in self-isolation with these FREE online classes and apps incl. Fitbit, Zwift, Peloton and more

Read more about all the Fitbit Premium features here: Fitbit's response to the coronavirus – FREE Fitbit Premium subscription for 90 daysBest Fitbit: which Fitbit fitness tracker or smartwatch is best for you?Look as ripped as Mr Hemsworth himself with Centr(Image credit: Centr)2.

Best iPhone 8 deals: contracts, plans and SIM-free prices compared in 2020

ContractsSim FreeSim OnlyShowing 10 of 226,112 deals1Apple iPhone 8 (64GB Silver)Free roaming in 70+ worldwide destinationsDiscounts and freebies with Wuntu appEasyJet priority boarding and bag drop perks2Apple iPhone 8 (64GB Space.Below you can review our comparative chart for the best iPhone 8 deals, contracts and SIM-free prices.

Cheap iPhone deal at Sprint: get the iPhone XR for just $10 a month

You can also get a $300 prepaid Mastercard when you bring your phone and number to Sprint.The iPhone XR was released last September, with a starting price of $749.

Hand sanitizer: Where to order hand sanitizer online

Read on for a guide to where to buy hand sanitizer (hand sanitiser) right now – we've focused on online retailers so you can order from home.Where to buy hand sanitizer in the USJump to where in the UK to buy hand sanitizerPurell Hand Sanitizer | Various prices at Sears
There are a few sellers offering Purell Hand Sanitizer gel via Sears marketplace.

PS5 news, price, release date and games: the ultimate guide to Sony's PlayStation 5

Coherency engines are also present in the PS5's main custom chipset, as well as cache scrubbers.Audio, global illumination, shadows, reflections and full ray tracing are potentials for the PS5's ray tracing tech.