The speed you need when you're doing everything from home

If you're socially distancing and working from home, you're probably using more data across more devices than ever before.If you find yourself struggling to get decent speeds or you're bursting through your bandwidth caps, Three UK has everything you need.

Sony pulls The Last of Us 2 from PlayStation Store – and will refund pre-orders


(Image credit: Naughty Dog)

Sony has pulled the Last of Us: Part 2 and Iron Man VR from the PlayStation Store,  while refunding those who pre-ordered either game digitally.Both games were due to release for PS4 in May, with The Last of Us 2 due for release on May 29 and Iron Man VR due to release on May 15.

Cheap MacBook deal at Best Buy: the 13-inch MacBook Air gets a $350 price cut

Shop more Apple deals at Best Buy hereMacBook Air deals:Apple MacBook Air 13.3-inch Laptop: $1,099 $899 at Best Buy
For a limited time, Best Buy has a $200 price cut on the 2019 MacBook Air.

Meet the PS5 DualSense controller


(Image credit: Sony)

Sony has just unveiled the gamepad we'll be using to play the PS5 - it's called the DualSense Controller, and it sports a number of improvements that are concentrated on making using the controller feel more "immersive".While Sony has yet to commit to a specific PS5 controller release date, the PS5 DualSense Controller post ends with a note from president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Jim Ryan that confirms its "Holiday 2020" (November-December) release:“DualSense marks a radical departure from our previous controller offerings and captures just how strongly we feel about making a generational leap with PS5.

OLED TVs are going to have a rough year – here’s why


LG GX Gallery Series OLED (2020)
(Image credit: LG)

By all accounts, 2020 was looking like a good year for OLED TVs.And now, market research company Omdia has provided a new forecast for OLED TV shipments this year, and it's almost half what the company predicted previously – and actually lower than the number of OLED TVs shipped in 2019 (via Statistica).

Amazon vendors up in arms over FBA shipment freeze

”A new report from Jungle Scout has revealed that at least 53 percent of Amazon sellers are affected by the freeze.Almost all third-party sellers sell their products through FBA and only select sellers are currently allowed to sell products in allowed categories.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake review: "A loving reimagining of the original that delivers a new experience that's wholly its own"

Fast facts(Image credit: Square Enix)Release date: April 10, 2020
Platform: PS4
Developer: Square Enix
Publisher: Square Enix Final Fantasy 7 Remake really lives up to its "Remake" title.As a loving reimagining of the original that delivers a new experience that's wholly its own, it's a spectacularly entertaining introduction to the world of Final Fantasy 7 for modern audiences.

Nirvana drummer Chad Channing remembers Kurt Cobain and the 1990 sessions that shaped Nevermind

When Kurt presented several of the songs that would be on Nevermind, could you tell they were moving in a different direction to Bleach?Every time we’d go into the studio, Kurt and Krist always had a certain agenda or something in mind.

5 songs guitarists need to hear by… Eddie Van Halen


(Image credit: Lynn Goldsmith / Getty)

When Van Halen’s debut album hit in 1978 rock was under fire.I’m The One (Van Halen, 1978)Every track on Van Halen’s debut is a feast of consummate musicality, but for sheer brash attitude and extraordinary technical skill I’m The One takes the biscuit.

Guitar Skills: Get funky with these chord shapes


Guitar Skills: Paradoxically, one of the greatest challenges faced by the novice chord substitutionist is the minimal groove-driven vamp.There might only be a single chord, or perhaps even just the suggestion of a chord, floating over a bass riff.

Disney Villainous board game review: "Delightfully wicked"

price: $30 / £25The worst takes it allThe Disney Villainous board game puts you in command of the company's most evil - and interesting - characters.This means it's not necessarily a good board game for kids.

Fender Lead III review |

Our Verdict
Sure there is some Strat in its DNA but the Fender Lead III deserves to be played to and heard before it is believed.The Fender Lead was produced between 1979 and 1982 and underwent a series of evolutions.

Universal Audio says it’s launching its free LUNA DAW early to provide “a welcome escape from the outside world”


(Image credit: Universal Audio)

Although, in the grand scheme of things, music software launches don’t feel that important right now, they can provide a welcome distraction in this time of global uncertainty.Recognising this, Universal Audio has announced that it’s set to bring forward the release of LUNA, a free DAW for owners of its Apollo and Arrow audio interfaces.

The 20 best electronic music movies and documentaries to watch right now from your sofa

The Electronic Music Studio were the tinkering team of synth boffins behind the VCS3 - the UK’s answer to the mighty Moog.Modulations: Cinema for the EarDirector: Lara Lee | Year: 1998 | Type: Documentary | Runtime: 1h 15mPretentious title?

Tracktion Waveform Free is the fully-featured DAW you don’t need to pay for

Fortunately, if you want a free DAW, you have a simple choice: install Waveform Free, the latest free-of-charge music production app from Tracktion Software.Designed for everyone, and the replacement for the much-loved T7 free DAW, Waveform Free is a fully-featured DAW (no trackcount, export, time-out or plugin limitations here) and will enable you to make any kind of music you like.

Resident Evil 3 review: “A tense, jumpy retelling of the PS1 classic in a modern gaming language”

Our Verdict
Another enjoyable reimagining for the Resident Evil series that nails the action but lacks depth.It lacks some of the depth and variety of last year’s Resident Evil 2 Remake, with less puzzles and more action, but it’s still a rewarding slice of horror.

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum XT gaming keyboard review: “Take something good, make it even better”

Today's best Corsair K95 RGB Platinum XT dealsCorsair CH-9127414-NA K95 RGB.FeaturesThe Corsair K95 RGB Platinum XT is a powerhouse keyboard in every sense of the word.

How to build the Hi-Fi system of your dreams


Building the perfect Hi-Fi system is the dream of audiophiles everywhere – and it’s not as unattainable as you might think.Before we go any further check out the five products below – all of which could make fantastic additions to your new Hi-Fi system.

Guitar skills: Learn hard rock and heavy metal guitar essentials

Its exotic sound is often heard in traditional Egyptian and Latin music, but also hard rock and metal from the likes of Kirk Hammett, Marty Friedman and more.Palm mutingThis technique is a staple in rock and metal in both lead and rhythm parts.

Heaven 17's Martyn Ware: "Kraftwerk were only brilliant because they were rich!"

As a man who describes his fascination with music technology as ‘verging on the pathological’, he admits that he’s looking forward to having a chat with Computer Music.You’ve got to remember that this was not long after Apollo 11.