How Apple Finally Made Siri Sound More Human

It has relentlessly expanded into new countries and languages (for all its faults, Siri's by far the most worldly assistant on the market).(In English, "fourteen" is a word, the toothy "e" sound in the middle is a phoneme.

Here's How to Watch Apple's New iPhone Announcement

September is here, which means a new iPhone announcement is likely on the way, and if you want to watch it live, we've got you covered.Rumors have circulated that the presentation will focus on the possible iPhone 8 launch for the iconic smartphone's 10th anniversary, as well as updates to the current iPhone 7 and 7 Plus models.

The iOS 11 Features We're Most Excited About

Here's a breakdown of the features we're most excited to see.Altogether the changes should help Siri catch up to Google's virtual assistant, which has long outshone Apple's.

4th-gen iPad and iPad Mini November 2

9 inch iPad Mini at its San Jose keynote, the electronics giant surprised attendees with a fourth-generation full-sized iPad, just seven months after the device's third iteration hit shelves.It starts at $499 for the 16GB version, the former price of the "new" (now old and seemingly disappeared from Apple's website) iPad.

Inside Apple's Plan to Change How You Experience the World

The app, called GIPHY World, will use Apple's ARKit platform to make GIFs (a popular format for online images) appear in the real world when viewed through the phone's camera.With Apple's backing and an instant landing path to millions of iPhones and iPads worldwide, AR is poised to finally breakout.

Review: The Creator of Android Made a Super-Simple Phone

It's the Essential Phone's interface — or lack thereof — that really caught my attention.Most Android phones are filled with apps and widgets from the carrier or phone manufacturer preinstalled on a phone.

This Is Amazon's Latest Effort to Get Alexa Into More Devices

But in order to do this, it needs help from third-party hardware makers.“Our vision is for Alexa to be everywhere,” said Priya Abani, Amazon’s director and general manager of Alexa voice services.

Uber Is Going to Eat Your Children...

So, of course, every startup team wants to sprinkle a little Uber dust on itself.GreenPal’s CEO described his company as an Uber for lawn care.

China's DJI Just Inked A Drone Partnership With One-Time Rival

-based drone startup founded by a former editor-in-chief of Wired Magazine, Chris Anderson, said Tuesday that it’s partnering with China-based DJI.As part of the alliance, 3D Robotics, or 3DR, will integrate its drone software into DJI drones for customers in the construction industry.

The IRS Has a Way to ID Bitcoin Tax Cheats

One benefit of using bitcoin is the digital currency can be anonymous—its owners can move money around the world without revealing who they are.Nonetheless, the IRS's use of the Chainalysis software is likely to make some bitcoin owners uneasy.

Personal Information of Nearly 2 Million Chicago Voters Exposed on Amazon Server

A variety of personal information — including names, addresses, and dates of birth — for 1.8 million registered voters in Chicago was publicly exposed online on an Amazon cloud-computing server for an unknown period of time, the city's Board of Election Commissions said.

DJI Spark Drones Won't Work Without This Crucial Update

The China-based drone giant said Monday that customers who bought its Spark drone, which debuted in May and costs $500, must download a software update or their flying robots will no longer operate.It’s unclear if the software update is related to a recent bug that caused some Spark drones to fall from the sky in July.

SAP Says Restrictions on New Recruitment not a General Hiring Freeze

German business software company SAP denied a media report on Friday that said it has imposed a complete freeze on recruitment in order to meet financial targets this year, while reiterating that it had restricted new hirings in some areas.WirtschaftsWoche said it obtained a leaked document, marked "strictly confidential" spelling out SAP 's plan, which it said had been decided on July 15 by the company's executive board.

Siemens Plans to Boost Security on Medical Scanners

Department of Homeland Security issued a security notice warning that "an attacker with a low skill would be able to exploit these vulnerabilities" using known weaknesses that exist in older Windows software.The Siemens spokesman said no evidence of any attack had been found.

GM Recalls 800,000 Trucks for Faulty Power Steering

General Motors is recalling nearly 800,000 trucks that have been found to suddenly lose power steering, potentially causing drivers to lose control of their vehicle.If the trucks’ power levels drop below a certain point, power steering can be suddenly disabled.