Toys R Us predicts your kid will pester you for these must-haves

At Toys R Us, where it's always beginning to look a lot like the holidays, the difficult job of trying to predict which playthings will be in hottest demand this season is finally complete.The list is studded with toys that it says will be exclusive to its stores.

Back-to-school snack tips from Martha Stewart

But as culinary director of Martha & Marley Spoon, Martha Stewart's curated meal-kit delivery service, she has access to an extensive archive of recipes to glean ideas and tips from.Here, she and her kitchen colleague Grace Parisi share three healthy finger foods that can be pulled together in minutes.

Hurricane Irma boosts downloads of walkie-talkie app Zello

The go-to app during rescue efforts in Houston following Hurricane Harvey is rising in popularity as Hurricane Irma speeds toward Florida.According to mobile app research firm App Annie, Zello moved to the top spot on Apple's store Tuesday, then reached the top of Google Play on Wednesday.

Michael Dell extols the benefits of going private, a year after Dell-EMC mega merger

SAN FRANCISCO — It's been a year since Dell consumed EMC in the biggest tech merger ever, and Michael Dell was in a celebratory mood.He took his company private in a $25 billion deal in October 2013 after a bruising, year-long battle with activist investor Carl Icahn.

Lyft partners with to provide self-driving rides

SAN FRANCISCO — Ride-hailing start-up Lyft may soon be picking up passengers in self-driving cars owned and powered by tech start-up Drive.GM has indicated that it will consider deploying self-driving Chevy Bolts on Lyft's network.

Trump to discuss Amtrak's Gateway tunnel with New Jersey and New York lawmakers

The meeting was first reported by The New York Times and Politico.At one hearing, Chao told Booker the president understands the project's importance because he is a New Yorker.

Nintendo says Mario isn't a plumber any more

For video game icon Mario, plumbing has taken a back seat to driving go-karts and saving princesses.Nintendo recently updated a profile of Mario on the video game publisher's Japanese website.

FTC settles with Lenovo over a built-in snooping software, $3.5 million fine

In the case of the VisualDiscovery software, the software hijacked encrypted web sessions.The FTC alleges that beginning in August of 2014, China-based Lenovo began selling laptops in the United States that came pre-installed with the software program.

Lego cuts 1,400 jobs as sales fall amid digital competition

But digital distractions and cheaper alternatives -- such video games, free apps and Minecraft -- are now bountiful and sales in the developed markets are falling.Demand in China is still robust, but it isn't sufficiently making up for sluggishness in the mature markets Lego has spent decades developing.

Trump winds down DACA program for undocumented immigrants, gives Congress 6 months to act

WASHINGTON – President Trump on Tuesday began winding down an Obama-era immigration program designed to protect undocumented immigrants who were brought into the United States as children, but invited Congress to preserve it through legislation within six months.This gives Congress time to find a legislative solution to replace the program, which currently shields some 800,000 young immigrants from deportation.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is solid phablet — and it doesn't catch fire

But I was fan of the Note 7, at least before its battery issues surfaced.More: 8 things you missed about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8More: Verizon and Samsung's message this week: Learn to love Wi-FiMore: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 first look: Sharp phone with few surprisesSecond screen.

Ahead of DACA decision, Phoenix 'dreamers' rally in support of program

More: As Trump weighs fate of DACA, 'dreamer' vows: 'We’re not going down without a fight'DACA was enacted in 2012 by then-President Barack Obama and allows undocumented immigrants who immigrated to the have "deferred action for a period of two years," according to the official DACA webpage.

Florida State-Alabama broadcast sets audience mark for opening-weekend college game

The information ESPN cited for its record Saturday audience includes CBS and ABC ratings data that began to be tracked in 1996.5 million viewers -- which includes streaming -- watched Alabama ease past Florida State, 24-7, a 56% increase in viewers compared to the same Saturday night time slot last year.

How much cash do you carry? See how you compare

And, when given a choice between paying someone with cash or a peer-to-peer (P2P) payment app, 47% said they would choose the digital option, as opposed to the 45% who said they’d rather use cash.Using P2P apps, people can easily split expenses with friends by transferring money into their accounts.

Paper parking tickets are on their way out

(And in case you're wondering, most of the higher end malls in L.require customers to pay for parking, both as a way to make money, and to keep traffic flowing.

Justin Verlander fired up for 'nerve-wracking' debut with Astros in Seattle

“You know how hard it was for people to try to get here,” Verlander said, laughing.It really doesn’t matter if you win on opening day, but that game’s so nerve-wracking because it’s new.

Is virtual reality the next 3D TV? Like VR, it was hyped, pricey and consumers didn't care

NEW YORK—Virtual reality risks going the way of 3D TV, namely nowhere.Fast-forward to today, and you see similar impediments with virtual reality.

Harvey victims need federal program that saved Mississippi post-Katrina says Haley Barbour

More: Hurricane Harvey brings a world of hurt, and not just in Houston: Cancer patientIn an era of gross government waste, the narrow cost of the AmeriCorps program was money well-spent.Now, as Congress readies new appropriation legislation that will determine the program's future, we need to have theirs.

Siri's got a new boss

Craig Federighi, Apple's senior vice president in charge of software, has added the Siri personal digital assistant to his portfolio, which includes the Macintosh MacOS and mobile iOS operating systems.Cue has been point man for Apple content, including the iTunes store, Apple Music, as well as Apple Pay and Apple Maps.

Hurricane Harvey: Technology, how we need you

Hurricane Harvey showed the power of technology — and just how much we suffer when it lets us down.Tapping on links supplied by the companies, users donated $3 million via Facebook, Google and Amazon.