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Richard discovered photography on a work-experience course and hasn't looked back since -- or at least not since the digital age removed all the hard work.When he's not writing about cameras, phones and other technology, he's busy seeing how many apps he can fit on his MacBook before it starts to cry, or sorting his comic collection into alphabetical order.

Get an LG Urbane smartwatch for $87.95

When the LG Watch Urbane made its debut back in 2015, many reviewers swooned over its gorgeous styling and dazzling display.But, ouch, the price: The Urbane sold for $349, though it wasn't long before prices dipped below $200 and refurbs started to appear for around $150.

Hackers gain access to hundreds of global electric systems

The campaign, which started as early as 2011, included malicious emails sent to targets who worked in the energy industry, Symantec said.Eric Chien, a technical director at Symantec, said they "don't expect to see a blackout tomorrow," but with Dragonfly 2.

Like Netflix? T-Mobile is giving it away for free

But the freebie only works if you have at least two T-Mobile One unlimited data voice lines (single line customers are out of luck).Verizon has invested in creating short-form video geared towards younger audiences and a mobile video service called Go90.

You don't need an $11,500 camera to be a bird watcher, but it helps

You may not be a birdwatcher, but you probably know one -- and soon might follow Strycker's lead to become a birder yourself.It's made it more accessible to more people," Strycker says on a clear May morning at Ohio's Magee Marsh Wildlife Area.

Apple, Google, Facebook and more speak out on DACA

Now tech industry leaders are joining members of Congress in criticizing Trump's decision.Now tech executives are banding together again to speak out for "Dreamers," a nickname for DACA recipients.

What to expect from the iPhone event

There is, however, heavy speculation that Apple will launch a special anniversary iPhone, which the internet has dubbed iPhone 8.We don't even know if it'll even be called the iPhone 8.

'iPhone 8' will be called iPhone Edition, says latest rumor

When it comes to 'iPhone 8' (and really every iPhone launch), everyone knows, yet no one knows for certain.Many have suggested the company will launch two less radical phones that will be called iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus, while the more magical, revolutionary one will be iPhone 8.

How Amazon wants to make Alexa 'a fabric in the home' (Q&A)

After years of minimal customer interest, the smart home is starting to take off with the help of smart speakers like the Amazon Echo and Google Home.But we know that the smart home of the future includes all the product diversity and more that customers see today.

Stopping cyberattacks. No human necessary

A Las Vegas driver asks me this after I tell him I'm headed to Defcon at Caesars Palace.You'd think that, with all the potential threats literally walking about town, Vegas' director of technology and innovation, Mike Sherwood, would be stressed out.

Here's how Venmo-style payments will work on the iPhone

The feature was announced in June at Apple's developer conference, where it was marketed as one of the big upgrades in iOS 11.Much like Apple Pay was when it first launched, peer-to-peer payments will be a US feature at first.

LG V30 has some cool camera stuff for the YouTube generation

The LG V30 is ready for its closeup.As an alternative, LG's G6 is smaller and (typically) less expensive, and there's always LG's rivals: the Galaxy S8, Motorola Moto Z2 Force and HTC U11 ($649.

Google wants Android to bring you new layers of reality

To win over another billion, Google wants to bring something else to the masses: augmented reality, or AR.On Tuesday, the company announced ARCore, a set of tools that lets software developers build AR experiences for Android, Google's mobile operating system.

Get a Eufy Genie smart speaker with Alexa for under $30

After all, it's just a small speaker with a nosy microphone and built-in software (in the form of smart assistant Alexa).For a limited time, and while supplies last, Anker brand Eufy is offering the Eufy Genie smart speaker with Alexa for $29.

iPhone 8 scared of Galaxy Note 8? Maybe not

The Galaxy Note 8 has thrown down its challenge to Apple's rumored iPhone 8.But the Note 8 plays it safe, largely blending last year's disaster-stricken Galaxy Note 7 and this past spring's Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.

Everything you need to know about iOS 11 in one place

If history repeats itself, Apple will announce iOS 11's release date during the annual iPhone event in September.The final version of iOS 11 isn't yet available and likely won't be until mid-September (see above).

Galaxy Note 8 trade-in for Note 7 buyers has 12 catches

Turns out, Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 olive branch to original Galaxy Note 7 owners comes with a few thorns.This is the gesture CNET was hoping Samsung would make to owners of the doomed Note 7 once the Note 8 went on sale.

Essential Phone begins shipping today, only 57 days late

On May 30, Essential founder Andy Rubin said he'd ship his stunning Essential Phone within 30 days.On July 22, he said it was coming "within a few weeks.

4 things the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 can do the Galaxy S8 can't

Beyond a slightly larger display and a somewhat boxier design, the Note 8 has kept a few features to itself when compared to the Galaxy S8 ($649.The Note 8's S-Pen is waterproof, more sensitive, and has a smaller tip for easier writing.

Galaxy Note 8 vs. Galaxy S8, S8 Plus: What's the difference?

The latest Note 8 is Samsung's biggest phone yet, in more ways than one.3-inch display and is packed with top-tier specs, but it faces major scrutiny given the company's battery fiasco last year with the Note 7.