Google's Chrome OS 78 gives Chromebooks virtual desktops, click-to-call, and longer support spans

In Chrome OS, the way to access Virtual Desks is through a button in the upper righthand corner, or by using the Shift + Search + = shortcut.With Chrome OS 78 you can right-click a number, and it will be automatically sent to your Android phone to call.

Malicious Android apps hijacked phones to click on ads

Malicious Android apps hijacked phones to click on ads

(Image credit: Pixabay)

Android users have been warned that certain apps may have hijacked their devices to click on malicious ads.New research from Symantec has shown that cybercriminals are using apps to auto-click on mobile ads to generate a profit.

14 One-Click Facts About Amazon

The original site of the festival was intended to be at Howard Mills Industrial Park in Wallkill, near Middletown, New York.Roberts and Rosenman eventually saw a modest profit after other income sources, like the 1970 concert film Woodstock, were tallied.

Intel teases 'Performance Maximizer' one-click overclocking tool, with insurance to back it up

Also due to return is Intel’s “insurance for overclockers,” the Performance Tuning Protection Plan.The Performance Maximizer sounds somewhat similar to the very helpful Nvidia Scanner technology released alongside the GeForce RTX 20-series graphics cards.