Don't forget the deep state has a dark side

A year ago, the deep state was routinely reviled as a figment of paranoid right-wingers’ imagination.But much of the news media are now conferring the same sainthood on the deep state that was previously bestowed on special counsel Robert Mueller.

Disco Elysium review-in-progress: This deep detective RPG bends itself around your choices

It's hard to imagine seeing everything in Disco Elysium.In reality, very little of Disco Elysium pertains to the matter at hand.

iPhone 11 Deep Fusion camera is now available to try in iOS 13.2 public beta

But there's one camera feature that Apple teased at its fall iPhone event that no one has gotten to try: Deep Fusion.Now playing:
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We compare the cameras on the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone.

Docker is in deep trouble

How Docker brought containers mainstream
At the 2016 Structure Conference, Docker COO Scott Johnston spoke to ZDNet about how Docker turned containers into such a widely used technology.Actually, Docker's been in trouble for a while now.

With iPhone 11 'Deep Fusion' camera mode, Apple takes your photos to the next level

This photo was taken using Apple's new Deep Fusion process, which optimizes detail and minimizes image noise.Right now, anytime you take a photo on an iPhone 11, 11 Pro or 11 Pro Max, the default mode is Smart HDR, which takes a series of images before and after your shot and blends them together to improve the dynamic range and detail.

Snag deep discounts on Samsung's Frame TV and cellular Apple Watch

And while Vizio and TCL continue to battle it out in the "cheap but good" space, Samsung usually stays above the fray.But "usually" doesn't mean "always" -- and that's why it's notable that Samsung's 2019 Frame TV has returned to its Prime Day low: $1,398 for the 55-inch version, or $400 off the list price.

Cerebras Systems' new deep-learning chip is as big as your keyboard, and the largest ever

1 billion transistors, and requires 815 square millimeters of die space, the Cerebras Systems chip includes 1.No, the Cerebras chip isn’t designed for your PC.

A Boeing Code Leak Exposes Security Flaws Deep in a 787's Guts

Now, nearly a year later, Santamarta claims that leaked code has led him to something unprecedented: security flaws in one of the 787 Dreamliner's components, deep in the plane's multi-tiered network.(A Boeing spokesperson says that the EFB can't be compromised from the CIS/MS, either, despite both being located in the same part of the 787's network.

The Roots of Koch Brother Politics Are Deep and Likely Permanent

What I did not know is that Nashville tried again, and that the Koch apparatus roared back into town once more.Getty Images

Mainly, the attacks on mass transit have been the usual Americans for Prosperity Eeek-Taxes!

Intel’s neuro guru slams deep learning: ‘it’s not actually learning’

In vogue today, deep learning.In contrast, so-called back-prop, invented in the 1980s, is a mathematical technique used to optimize the response of artificial neurons in a deep learning computer program.

Rams tackle Andrew Whitworth gets deep after loss

For The Win

Published 11:44 PM EST Feb 3, 2019

Rams tackle Andrew Whitworth was poignant after the Super Bowl loss to the Patriots on Sunday, and also captured the mood of the nation, when he summed up the loss by saying "at the end of the day, we're all gonna die.Was it also a meta commentary on how boring this Super Bowl was?

Guthrie Govan: 'The older, wiser player knows in a deep, intuitive way that it’s the quality of the playing that counts'

“The older, wiser player knows in a deep, intuitive way that it’s the quality of the playing that counts: does it have a decent tone?“There’s a whole species of guitar player who’s completely forgotten about what Les Paul did, what Chet Atkins did or what Django did.

Donald Trump Jr. gets deep into the swamp in Instagram photo


Published 8:30 AM EDT Sep 10, 2018

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump's pledge to "drain the swamp" – a metaphor for ending Washington corruption – is one of his best-known refrains.But the president's oldest son, Donald Trump Jr.

Android Pie Digital Wellbeing Beta: a deep-dive into Google's new phone feature

Android Pie Digital Wellbeing Beta: a deep-dive into Google's new phone feature

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What is it, why do we need it and how does it work?Everything you need to know about Android PieWhy digital wellbeing?

Rig tour: Deep Purple's Steve Morse

Rig tour: Deep Purple's Steve Morse

Whether playing in Dixie Dregs, Flying Colours or here with the legendary Deep Purple, Steve Morse has proved to be one of the most unique guitar voices in rock.Ernie Ball Music Man Steve Morse Signature
“This is my number one – with serial number one; Sterling [Ball] gave me serial number 2 at the NAMM show last year.

The Laser Battle Against Blood-Sucking Parasites of the Deep

Marine Harvest site managers like Steinar Snipsøyr keep a close watch on their salmon for signs of sea lice infestation.Mature sea lice are gray, lentil-sized crustaceans, also called ectoparasites, that look like small, fanged tadpoles.

Apple Has a Deep Bench of Potential Tim Cook Successors

The company has a deep bench of experienced managers who could fill Cook’s shoes when the time comes.At the meeting in Cupertino, California, Cook said every Apple board meeting in recent years has had succession planning on the agenda for all key executive roles, but he didn’t specify any potential successors.

The Limits of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning

Natural language is beyond deep learning; new situations baffle artificial intelligences, like cows brought up short at a cattle grid.To see why modern AI is good at a few things but bad at everything else, it helps to understand how deep learning works.

The Tortured Deep-Focus Faces of Tournament Chess Players

About five years ago, Lloda began traveling the world to shoot chess tournaments, who then hired him to help them get publicity.Since then, he has photographed tournaments in London, Moscow, Sao Paulo, Istanbul, Mexico City, and Shanghai, capturing intimate portraits of chess players of every age and nationality.

Build a Thermoelectric Generator, Like the Ones That Power Deep Space Missions

You just need a paperclip and bare copper wire (or any two different metal wires).Seriously, this setup alone is going to be a thermoelectric generator.