Joe Satriani to release a solo-free Surfing With The Alien for Record Store Day


(Image credit: Joe Satriani / Legacy Records)When Joe Satriani's Surfing With The Alien was released in 1987 it changed the game, recalibrating the potential of the electric guitar,  establishing Satch as the master of shred.But at the same time, a large part of my playing is Tony Iommi and Billy Gibbons.

Electronic musicians can download a free guide to mental health


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To coincide with World Mental Health Day, which takes place on Thursday 10 October, The Association For Electronic Music (AFEM) has launched a free mental health guide for those working in the electronic music industry.This is designed to educate and provide support for those who may be suffering from mental health problems, and is also an attempt to further destigmatise the issue.

EA will give you a free month of Origin Access if you turn on 2FA (which you should do anyway)

Don't worry, you get a free month too.Well, how about free games?

AMD improves Radeon VII, RX Vega 56 or 64 graphics cards for free

Graphics cards

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AMD has given a boost to Radeon RX Vega 56 and 64 graphics cards, as well as the meaty Radeon VII, with the release of its latest graphics driver which brings Radeon Image Sharpening support to these GPUs.3 delivers image sharpening to these graphics cards – and the Radeon Vega Frontier Edition – when running games which use DirectX 12 or Vulkan.

Best Linux apps of 2019: free and open source software


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One of the big advantages of most Linux distros isn't just that they are free and open source - so are most of the software applications used for Linux.However, Linux software is in constant development and so are the software apps used to run on it.

The best free music samples and loop download sites on the web

Today, a simple Google search will turn out thousands of entries as a gateway to seemingly millions - or billions - of free samples.SampleRadarSamples: Over 64,000
Rights: Royalty-freeOur own collection of samples is in the late five figures and continues to grow.

How to watch Rugby World Cup 2019: live stream every match for free online and from anywhere

Choose any country showing the Rugby World Cup and watch as if you were in that country.Live stream the Rugby World Cup in Australia for FREEThe Aussies are one of the only countries around the world that actually have some live rugby from the 2019 World Cup that's free to watch.

This free Windows 10 upgrade offer still works. Here's why -- and how to get it

In January 2017, I wrote a post titled  "Here's how you can still get a free Windows 10 upgrade.One was attempting to upgrade a PC running Windows 7 Enterprise (the free upgrade offer is only for Home and Pro editions).

Microsoft: We want you to learn Python programming language for free

But the main apparent benefit is that Microsoft can expand the population of Python developers using Azure for building AI applications.5 programming language SDK will 'supercharge' developersRaspberry Pi gets MIT's Scratch 3 programming language for RaspbianJulia programming language: Users reveal what they love and hate the most about itProgramming language Python's 'existential threat' is app distribution: Is this the answer?

Forget iPhone 11, the iPhone XR is now FREE with unlimited data, texts, and calls

uk are currently offering the Apple iPhone XR for free upfront, along with a 24-month unlimited data, texts and minutes contract with Vodafone for a very affordable price point.The full details of the deal can be viewed below:iPhone XR 64GB White | Unlimited data, minutes and texts | Upfront cost: £0.

Robert O'Brien, new Trump adviser, helped free A$AP Rocky. Who is he?

A$AP Rocky's presidential intervention: Why Trump loves to hate Sweden

A judge released A$AP Rocky, pending an outcome in the case, and a court found him guilty in August.In an online description of the book, O'Brien advocates for a "peace through strength" strategy "that will allow the next president to make America great again.

Richard Stallman, author of the GNU manifesto, resigns from the Free Software Foundation


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The open source community is in shock as Richard Stallman, the creator of the GNU operating system and author of the influential GNU manifesto, has stepped down as president of the Free Software Foundation.Condemnation over Stallman’s remarks were swift, leading to the Free Software Foundation announcing that he has resigned as FSF president and from the board of directors.

Get an Apple iPhone 11 for FREE with this awesome competition from Vodafone

In fact, you can choose any iPhone stocked by Vodafone, which is pretty much all of them – including the topped-out iPhone 11 Pro Max, which costs an eye-watering £1,149.That's one minute before pre-orders for the new iPhone range go live in the UK.

With Facebook Libra Coin Tied Up, Rival Uses Free Cryptocurrency 'Airdrop' as Lure

Encrypted chat app Keybase is pre-empting Facebook’s Libra coin with the biggest-ever giveaway of a rival cryptocurrency, Stellar Lumens.06, equating to roughly $120 million total.

Free software advocate Richard Stallman spoke at Microsoft Research this week


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Microsoft invited free software legend Richard Stallman to speak at its Microsoft Research headquarters this week.But Microsoft Azure Chief Technology Officer Mark Russinovich tweeted this morning (September 5): "In other OSS-related news, Richard Stallman visited campus yesterday and gave a talk at Microsoft Research.

If your Apple Watch display is cracking, Apple might replace the screen for free

If your Apple Watch display is cracking, Apple might replace the screen for free

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Apple says it has identified a problem that "under very rare circumstances" can lead to cracking around the edge of the screen on aluminum Series 2 and Series 3 versions of the Apple Watch – and if you're affected, you can have a free replacement.The best Apple Watch appsNew iPhones are comingHuawei watches could use HarmonyOS"The crack may begin on one side and then may continue around the screen as shown in the images below," Apple says.

How to watch Peaky Blinders season 5 online for free: stream from the UK or abroad

That's right, the time has come back around to watch Peaky Blinders online with season 5 finally hitting our screens.And luckily for you, we've been tracking down all of times, locations and key information you need to watch Peaky Blinders online.

PDFs are a monster to edit, but these four free apps make it easy

Luckily I found easy and fast ways to edit a PDF file on an iPhone ($1,000 at Amazon) and Android phone, as well as on a Mac and PC.To change the appearance of the text, tap the Text Style tool -- it's the icon with the italicized A.

Free music samples: download loops, hits and multis from SampleRadar

Welcome to SampleRadar, the hub page for MusicRadar's regular giveaway of pro-quality, royalty-free samples.Here you can find links to all of our entries, which feature collections of loops, hits and multisamples in a wide range of genres.

PDFs are a pain to edit, but these four free apps make it easy

Luckily I found easy and fast ways to edit a PDF file on an iPhone ($1,000 at Amazon) and Android phone, as well as on a Mac and PC.To change the appearance of the text, tap the Text Style tool -- it's the icon with the italicized A.