Free Dolby On iOS and Android app promises simple, high-quality audio/video recording and live streaming

Enter Dolby On, a new mobile app that promises to “make recording and live streaming sound and video with unparalleled audio quality incredibly simple, using nothing but your device.”Said to build on 50 years of Dolby innovation, the app offers one-tap recording and audio processing tools, and is designed for both recording and live streaming (you can connect it directly to Facebook Live and Twitch).

10 free Zoom alternative apps for video chats

Thankfully, there are several solid video chatting and conferencing apps available that can help you keep in touch with everyone you need to -- many of which are free.For everyday use with friends, family and coworkers, here are 10 free video conference and video chat apps.

Microsoft Office is now Microsoft 365. Here's how you could get it for free

And if you don't want to shell out the cash, there are a few ways you can get Office 365 and its apps for free.Read more: How to download Windows 10 for free, now that Windows 7 is deadChanges are coming soon: In March, Microsoft announced that Office 365 is becoming Microsoft 365, a new service that adds more features to the office software.

With Onward out now, this is the best week for a free Disney Plus trial yet

Of all the times you could sign up for that Disney Plus free trial, we'd argue this is the best week yet.Signing up for a Disney Plus trial does require you to enter your billing details, but it's easy to cancel Disney Plus before then.

Coronavirus threatens free school lunch, grab-and-go amid closures

Feldkamp, the superintendent of the Tonganoxie School District, thanked them each for their dedication to making the grab-and-go meals that were sustaining lines of children and parents.Nine school days earlier, Kansas Governor Laura Kelly had ordered all schools closed to stop the spread of the coronavirus, but school staff were still feeding kids.

Universal Audio says it’s launching its free LUNA DAW early to provide “a welcome escape from the outside world”


(Image credit: Universal Audio)

Although, in the grand scheme of things, music software launches don’t feel that important right now, they can provide a welcome distraction in this time of global uncertainty.Recognising this, Universal Audio has announced that it’s set to bring forward the release of LUNA, a free DAW for owners of its Apollo and Arrow audio interfaces.

Tracktion Waveform Free is the fully-featured DAW you don’t need to pay for

Fortunately, if you want a free DAW, you have a simple choice: install Waveform Free, the latest free-of-charge music production app from Tracktion Software.Designed for everyone, and the replacement for the much-loved T7 free DAW, Waveform Free is a fully-featured DAW (no trackcount, export, time-out or plugin limitations here) and will enable you to make any kind of music you like.

Today is the last day to get Native Instruments' Analog Dreams soft synth for free

Today is the last day to get hold of Analog Dreams, so act now if it's something you fancy.In a statement, NI executives Daniel Haver and Mate Galic said: "These are challenging times for the global music community.

How to play Cards Against Humanity online for free with friends, family or on your own


Not really 'cards', but the next best thing

Cards Against Humanity online
(Image: © Cards Against Humanity / TechRadar)

You can play Cards Against Humanity online, without needing to buy a set or any fancy gadgetry.View DealHow to play Cards Against Humanity online: your three optionsPlayingcards.

Arturia’s iSpark iPad drum machine is free for a limited time


(Image credit: Arturia)

Arturia is the latest company to encourage you to stay home and make music, and it’s giving you some free music software to do it with.The biggest news is that iSpark, the company’s iPad drum machine app, is free until 30 April, but Arturia is also showing some love to PC/Mac users, who can road-test the Pigments 2 plugin synth for free between 2 April and 3 July.

5 benefits of Amazon Prime that you may not realize you have, like free games

You probably already knew that priority delivery and Amazon Prime Video are two benefits of having a Prime membership.While Prime benefits vary between regions, below we've captured five benefits you can enjoy in both the US and UK that you might not already know about.

Audiomodern’s free Filterstep plugin can ‘shape any sound into a groove’


The free music software deluge continues with the news that Audiomodern has released its Filterstep plugin and is letting anyone download it for nothing.There’s also an Infinity mode that instructs the plugin to apply different settings each time the sequence loops through.

Use Apple Logic Pro X free for 90 days!


(Image credit: Apple)

Apple has confirmed that, in light of current events, it’s offering free 90-day access to its Logic Pro X DAW so that everyone can make music with it.It’s also offering the same deal to anyone who wants to use Final Cut Pro X.

Tracktion launches Waveform Free: is this the world’s best free DAW?


(Image credit: Tracktion Software)

Tracktion Software has long been generous when it comes to offering free DAWs, but with Waveform Free, the company seems to think that it’s surpassed itself.In fact, it’s calling this “the world’s best, fully featured, completely unlimited free DAW for all music creators”.

Coronavirus giveaways: the best free software and services for musicians

Here, we've rounded up all of the best giveaways, and we'll keep this hub updated.Two notes Torpedo Wall of Sound - free lifetime licenseTwo notes Audio Engineering is giving away free lifetime licenses for its Torpedo Wall of Sound speaker and miking simulation plugin until April 30th.

Nine Inch Nails surprise release two new albums – and they're free

Trent Reznor has dropped two surprise instrumental Nine Inch Nails and made them available to download for free in an act of solidarity with fans during the COVID-19 pandemic.Although each of us define ourselves as antisocial-types who prefer being on our own, the situation has really made us appreciation the power and need for connection.

Best home workout: get fit while in self-isolation with these FREE online classes and apps incl. Fitbit, Zwift, Peloton and more

Read more about all the Fitbit Premium features here: Fitbit's response to the coronavirus – FREE Fitbit Premium subscription for 90 daysBest Fitbit: which Fitbit fitness tracker or smartwatch is best for you?Look as ripped as Mr Hemsworth himself with Centr(Image credit: Centr)2.

Best iPhone 8 deals: contracts, plans and SIM-free prices compared in 2020

ContractsSim FreeSim OnlyShowing 10 of 226,112 deals1Apple iPhone 8 (64GB Silver)Free roaming in 70+ worldwide destinationsDiscounts and freebies with Wuntu appEasyJet priority boarding and bag drop perks2Apple iPhone 8 (64GB Space.Below you can review our comparative chart for the best iPhone 8 deals, contracts and SIM-free prices.

10 free video chat apps to use if you're social distancing

While the videoconferencing app or service you use for work likely depends on what your company has signed off on, if you're looking for a good option, check out the following seven free videoconference and video chat apps.Read more: How to stay healthy and entertained at home during the COVID-19 pandemic

César Salza/CNET

FaceTime is Apple's proprietary video calling app.

Free entertainment to help you survive coronavirus social distancing

Welcome to our new abundantly cautious coronavirus reality, in which social distancing is the new normal and everything is closed or canceled.It's free from Epic Games, provided you have an Epic account and accompanying software client (also free).