Google and Valve are bringing Steam to Chromebooks – and it’s all thanks to Linux


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Kan Liu, Director of Product Management for Google's Chrome OS, has revealed that the Chromebook team at Google is bringing Steam to Chromebooks.The news, reported by AndroidPolice, is certainly exciting, as it means PC gamers won’t have to rely on Windows to play games.

Huawei pitches its alternative to Google Play Store


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Huawei has made its pitch to developers to port across the company’s new proprietary app store.The Chinese mobile giant unveiled more details about its new Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) system at an event in London, where it revealed strong initial growth in the number of developers already signed up.

Google wants to bring Steam to Chromebooks

According to an interview with Kan Liu, Director of Product Management for Chrome OS, Google is working toward bringing Steam support to Chromebooks, too.It’s unclear whether Google is working in direct conjunction with Valve or if Steam support would even launch as an official feature, but Liu suggested Google is definitely serious about the project.

Don't fall for this Google Nest sextortion scam

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Scammers have been targeting people with Google Nest security camera footage as part of a widespread 'sextortion' campaign, according to Computer Weekly.The company clarified that, while Google Nest users weren't targeted exclusively, footage from Nest cameras was used as part of the campaign.

Google will wind down Chrome apps starting in June

The important dates start in June of this year, when Google will end support for Chrome Apps on the Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.Both Chrome apps and Chrome extensions have been accessible via the Chrome Web Store.

Google's AirDrop alternative for Android gets renamed as it approaches launch

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While Apple products have long enjoyed the ability to share files, images, and more with nearby devices via AirDrop, Google’s Android equivalent hasn’t enjoyed the same level of ubiquity, and for good reason.While a replacement feature called Fast Share has been in the pipeline since at least July, the service has now been rebranded to 'Nearby Sharing', as spotted by XDA Developers, with a few more details revealed as it nears closer to release.

Google tests biometric support for its autofill feature on Android

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You may well already use Google's autofill feature, which remembers your passwords, addresses, credit cards, and other details, then puts them into forms for you on Android and inside Chrome.As spotted by XDA Developers, Android code that's not yet been enabled suggests biometric authentication will soon be added to the autofill feature, so you'll need a fingerprint or a face unlock to use it.

Google urged to kill off Android bloatware

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An open letter signed by 53 pro-privacy campaigners has called on Google to impose new rules on Android manufacturers that ship devices with unremovable applications.The letter says that 91 per cent of “bloatware” is unavailable on the Google Play store, meaning these applications bypass many of the safeguards that protect users from malicious applications.

Sonos lawsuit seeks ban on Google Home and Pixel device sales in U.S.

As reported by The New York Times, the lawsuit seeks unspecified financial damages and a ban on the sale of Google’s smart speakers, Pixel phones, and Pixelbook laptops in the U.It says Google Chromecast, Home, and other products use their tech to copy and undercut Sonos own speaker system.

Google records everything in voice search on iPhone, Android, desktop


Published 7:10 PM EST Jan 3, 2020

Google says it only records interactions with connected devices like the Google Home speaker when we use the "wake word," of "Hey, Google," or "OK, Google.This is similar to Google's monitoring of our keystrokes.

Google is poised to make another blitz at CES 2020

The phrase "Hey Google" was everywhere in Las Vegas at last year's CES.A year ago at CES, the world's largest tech conference, Google went big.

Google Home, Nest Mini or Nest Hub: 32 best tips for your new smart speaker

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Congratulations on your new Google Home ($69 at Walmart) or Nest Mini ($35 at Walmart) smart speaker, Nest Hub ($79 at Walmart) or Nest Hub Max ($229 at Walmart).Now playing:
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The first 5 things to do with a new Google Home speaker


Where should you put your Google Home?

The Google Santa Tracker 2019 is live - how to follow his present trail worldwide

The journey began at 2AM Pacific Time in Russia, and he's currently flying through the world chucking presents out at will.If you want to follow jolly ol' St Nick, then there are a variety of ways to do so - the simplest is heading to Santatracker.

Google Drive vs. Microsoft OneDrive

The magic combination of price and the convenience of integration with other Google and Microsoft services make them top choices.Instead of charging just for storage, Microsoft folds OneDrive into a Microsoft Office subscription.

Google DeepMind gamifies memory with its latest AI work

That second problem, how a sense of consequence develops over long stretches, is the subject of recent work by Google's DeepMind unit.In a way, it's "gamifying" actions and consequence, showing that there can be a way to make actions in one moment obey the probability of later developments to score points.

Google's RCS texting is like iMessage for all Android phones. Learn to use it

Your texting game is about to get a big upgrade in Google's Messages app.If you don't use Google's Messages app for text messaging on your phone (not to be confused with Samsung's Messages app), you'll want to start.

Amazon vs Google: Which smart home giant won 2019?

Soon Google Assistant and Alexa will be driving your car and stealing your credit card.Here are Molly Price and David Priest, who cover Google and Amazon, on which company won 2019.

These Linux browsers are being banned from Google services


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The popular Linux browsers Konqueror, Falkon and Qutebrowser are now being banned from logging into Google services as they may not be secure.It's unclear as to when the search giant began blocking these browsers but a Reddit user recently made the discovery and wrote a post about it.

Google makes it safer to text on Android phones, but end-to-end encryption is still MIA

Together, they will help make sure your conversations aren’t taken over by people you don’t want to talk to.Like the phone app, Google won’t automatically filter out suspected spam messages, but it will warn you when it suspects one has arrived.

Google's Chrome 79 will warn you if your password has been stolen—or will be


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Google usually bundles more than a few new features with each iteration of its browser, and Chrome 79 should add some fairly substantial performance and security improvements, including alerts if your password has been stolen.Now Google will do this in real time, when you enter a password into a site within the browser.