How Apple Finally Made Siri Sound More Human

It has relentlessly expanded into new countries and languages (for all its faults, Siri's by far the most worldly assistant on the market).(In English, "fourteen" is a word, the toothy "e" sound in the middle is a phoneme.

The iOS 11 Features We're Most Excited About

Here's a breakdown of the features we're most excited to see.Altogether the changes should help Siri catch up to Google's virtual assistant, which has long outshone Apple's.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review: Superb But Too Familiar

If the Note 8 looks familiar, it should: it's nearly identical to the Galaxy S8+ Android phone Samsung released in April.The phone's software has evolved to better suit the Note 8's form, too.

Here's Everything Apple Might Announce at its iPhone 8 Event

Here's everything Apple might announce at its iPhone 8 event, including the latest and most credible iPhone rumors:The iPhone 8 will be the star of Apple's show, arriving almost 10 years to the day after late Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the smartphone's first iteration.In contrast to previous iPhone launches, Apple will reportedly launch three versions of the next iPhone.

Apple's Next iPhone Might Not Have a Home Button at All

If Bloomberg's Mark Gurman proves correct, that may be where Apple's next iPhone is headed when the company unveils its 10th anniversary edition iPhone later this month.The iPhone's home button serves several purposes, from summoning Siri to unlocking the device and authenticating Apple Pay purchases.

These iPhone 8 Features Could Transform Your Smartphone

By adding a CD-ROM drive, Apple delivered a much larger portable storage medium for playback of content that could include text, images and full-motion video.Read more: Why Social Media Users Should Never Lower Their GuardOf course Apple's most revolutionary product remains the iPhone.