Nine Inch Nails surprise release two new albums – and they're free

Trent Reznor has dropped two surprise instrumental Nine Inch Nails and made them available to download for free in an act of solidarity with fans during the COVID-19 pandemic.Although each of us define ourselves as antisocial-types who prefer being on our own, the situation has really made us appreciation the power and need for connection.

PS5 news, price, release date and games: the ultimate guide to Sony's PlayStation 5

Coherency engines are also present in the PS5's main custom chipset, as well as cache scrubbers.Audio, global illumination, shadows, reflections and full ray tracing are potentials for the PS5's ray tracing tech.

PS5 release date, specs, news and features for Sony’s PlayStation 5


(Image credit: Sony)

PS5 (or PlayStation 5) is the next-generation PlayStation, releasing in late 2020.The Sony PS5 is the next-gen PlayStation console, replacing the PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro.

Disney Plus UK: Disney+ price, release date, app info and top deals

Excitingly, too, Disney+ has announced its official pre-order Disney Plus UK deal: from now until March 24, 2020, you can pick up a year of Disney Plus for just £49.In terms of getting ready for the Disney Plus UK launch, there's no better guide to use as a reference.

New York Jets to release Trumaine Johnson, perhaps worst signing ever

Trumaine Johnson's time with the New York Jets is over, in a surprise to absolutely no one.The Jets must cut him by the third day of the new league year (March 20), when his contract becomes fully guaranteed.

Sony Xperia 1 II release date, price... and the headphone jack is back

We can use the Xperia 1’s price as a judge of how much the Xperia 1 II will likely cost too.The Sony Xperia 1 and Xperia 5 from 2019 dropped the 3.

Valve locks in Half-Life: Alyx's release date, but it's nearly impossible to buy a VR headset right now

Six weeks out from Half-Life: Alyx, Valve's Index headset is still unavailable.By

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Half-Life: Alyx

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Half-Life: Alyx will release on March 23.

Ninja Tune and Coldcut release Jamm Pro, an iPad music-making app for production and performance


Ninja Tune and Coldcut have unveiled Jamm Pro, a significantly enhanced follow-up to their ageing Ninja Jamm app.This is designed for both production and live performance and runs on the iPad.

Samsung Galaxy S20 news, leaks, release date, price and specs

The Samsung Galaxy S20 (formerly known as the Samsung Galaxy S11) will be officially revealed on 11 February 2020 and the leaks, rumours, and predictions are ramping up in earnest.NEW: Samsung Galaxy S20 PLus and S20 Ultra live imagesSamsung officially confirms Galaxy S20 and S20 PlusSamsung Galaxy S20 price revealed; will come with FREE Galaxy Buds+Samsung Galaxy S20: why not Samsung Galaxy S11?

PS5 price, release date and latest news: the ultimate guide to Sony's PlayStation 5

Latest Sony PS5 newsXbox One X chief throws shade at PS5, calls Sony "out of position"Official Sony PS5 sign-up page goes live!"Sony PS5 release dateSony is skipping E3 2020 this year as it is planning to showcase the PlayStation 5 at separate, dedicated event.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: release date, price, specs and leaks

A new Samsung Galaxy folding phone has been rumoured for a while now – ever since the original Samsung Galaxy Fold was launched, in fact.From its rumoured specs to its probable price and release date, here's everything we know about the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip before it's unveiled to the world in February.

The Haunting of Hill House season 2: release date, cast, and more

So we already have a decent idea of the main thrust of the season 2 story, which will definitely make us braver this time.Best horror moviesBest Netflix seriesWatch the best Netflix moviesThe Haunting of Bly Manor release date is this year(Image credit: Netflix)You guessed it.

Samsung Galaxy S20 / Galaxy S11 release date, price and the best leaks so far

Those three devices are likely to be called the Samsung Galaxy S20, Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus, and Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.If you skip on over to page two of this article, you'll find our list of improvements we want the phone series to make, with some inspiration from aspects of the Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung Galaxy Note 10, Samsung Galaxy A80 and Galaxy Fold.

AMD Ryzen 4000 release date, laptops and specs: everything we know about AMD's next CPUs


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AMD Ryzen 4000 is coming at a time when Team Red is sitting on top of the world.TBA(Image credit: AMD)AMD Ryzen 4000 release dateRight out of the gate, we don't know when AMD will be launching its next-generation of Ryzen processors for desktop.

Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 release date, price and specs: all the RTX 3080 rumors

The next Nvidia GeForce flagshipWhen is it out?Likely around the same price as the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080(Image credit: Flickr)RTX 3080 release dateIn the past, Nvidia GeForce lineups have been about two years apart.

Samsung Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Fold 2 release dates leak - which will come first?

A new leak has a possible answer, although we're surprised by the order they're set to come out in.The leak suggests possible release dates for the folding and non-folding phones, but it's unclear where Weinbach's source is from.

Avatar 2: release date, first images and what we know

We've sent out an early recon mission to Pandora to find out everything you need to know about Avatar 2's release date, title, plot, cast and more.From 2021 onwards, Avatar sequels will be on hand to fill it.

The Umbrella Academy season 2: release date predictions, story and what we know

After a hit first season that was among Netflix’s top 10 shows of 2019, The Umbrella Academy season 2 is set to land some time in 2020.Like the first season of The Umbrella Academy, season 2 will be available exclusively on Netflix.

Samsung Galaxy S11 / Galaxy S20 news, leaks, release date, price and specs

These are the best phones you can buy at the momentRead the T3 picks for the best Android phones on the marketSamsung Galaxy S11 / S20: the nameWill the Samsung Galaxy S11 actually launch under the name Samsung Galaxy S20?Unlimited minsUnlimitedtexts100GBdataUnlimited minsUnlimitedtexts20GBdataUnlimited minsUnlimitedtexts5GBdataSamsung Galaxy S20 / S11: designA Samsung Galaxy S11 / S20 concept (credit: LetsGoDigital)In 2019 Samsung went with a 5.

Disney Plus UK: Disney+ price, release date, app info and top shows

And, whether you want to know the price of Disney Plus UK ahead of launch, or the movies and TV shows you can watch on Disney+, or what the best Disney+ UK subscription deals is going to be, or anything else, this comprehensive Disney Plus UK guide has you covered.In terms of getting excited, for the Disney Plus UK release date, there is no better place to be.