Best video conferencing software for business: Microsoft Teams plus eight more Zoom alternatives

Windows 10 alert: Zoom client can leak your network login credentialsNote that several vendors are responding to coronavirus concerns with free video conferencing
After a successful IPO in 2019, Zoom solidified its status as one of the leaders in the video conferencing industry.

Coronavirus giveaways: the best free software and services for musicians

Here, we've rounded up all of the best giveaways, and we'll keep this hub updated.Two notes Torpedo Wall of Sound - free lifetime licenseTwo notes Audio Engineering is giving away free lifetime licenses for its Torpedo Wall of Sound speaker and miking simulation plugin until April 30th.

Microsoft will bring its antivirus software to iOS and Android


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Microsoft has revealed its plans to bring its Defender antivirus software to both Android and iOS later this year.The software giant is currently developing apps for both mobile operating systems which will provide antivirus prevention along with a “full command line experience”.

Best patch management software of 2020: free and paid tools and services for Linux and Windows

The simplest of these tools work as little more than PC update reminders.Jump straight to:Best patch management tools and software-paidBest patch management software tools-freeAvira Software UpdaterAvast Business Patch ManagementGFI LanGuardManageEngine Patch Manager PlusChocolateyNinite(Image credit: Avira)1.

The best DAWs 2020: the best music production software for PC and Mac

Image-Line FL StudioMusicRadar users have voted this the best DAWLaunch price: From $99/£76/€99 | Versions: Fruity, Producer, Signature, All Plugins Bundle | Compatibility: PC/Mac | System requirements (PC): Windows 8.1, 10 or later, 4GB storage space, 4GB RAM | System requirements (Mac): macOS 10.

Sonos ending software updates for older devices this May

Pre-2015 products such as the BU250 system will stop receiving software updates in May
Streaming music player manufacturer Sonos will stop sending out software updates to some older devices after May 2020.That's because every component in a Sonos system needs to be on the same software version.

The best tax software for 2020: TurboTax, H&R Block, TaxSlayer and more

Read more: How to estimate your 2020 tax refund


There's something for everyone with TurboTax -- the company offers a myriad of options even if your tax situation is complicated.The downside is that you don't receive free in-person support for audits -- only those who purchase H&R Block software or the Tax Pro Review service will get this benefit.

The best free video editor 2020: free video editing software for all your projects


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Finding a free video editor to use to finish your latest film project or home movie may seem like a daunting task.The best free video editors at a glanceLightworksHitfilm ExpressShotcutMovie Maker OnlineVSDC Video Editor(Image credit: EditShare)1.

The best tax software for 2019: TurboTax, H&R Block, TaxSlayer and more

Choosing a tax preparation software that's right for you can seem overwhelming and complicated.Read more: How to estimate your 2020 tax refund


There's something for everyone with TurboTax -- the company offers a myriad of options even if your tax situation is complicated.

Tesla holiday software update will preview full-self driving mode, add Stardew Valley

With it, Tesla owners will get a "sneak preview" of the firm's "full self-driving" mode.Oh, and for the gamers out there, Teslas will get a copy of quirky farming sim Stardew Valley.

The 5 best new plugins/software of 2019


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There's been a wealth of great new software and plugins released in 2019.The theme for your favourites from the last year seems to be established firms breaking new ground.

Best online piano lessons: recommended piano lesson software, apps and websites

In 2019, if you want to learn piano - or have kids who do - the best online piano lessons deliver much more varied and palatable options.All joking aside, one-to-one piano lessons are still arguably one of the most effective ways of going about things.

2020s visions: We'll get flying cars just before becoming software-based people

The barrier to flying around town isn't technology at this point; it's laws and logistics.We'll soon see if hiding your screen on your eyeball is appealing, but Elon Musk is already thinking one step ahead.

Chinese government to replace foreign hardware and software within three years

Beijing officials have ordered all government offices and public institutions to replace foreign hardware and software with Chinese alternatives within the next three years.The mass replacement process was detailed in a government directive issued to public institutions earlier this spring.

Huawei ban: Full timeline as Microsoft gets license to export software to Chinese company

19, 2019: Huawei says US license extension doesn't change the fact that it's being treated unfairly.12, 2019: Huawei's founder is ready to sell his company's 5G tech to a Western buyer.

Twitch Studio, Twitch's easy-peasy streaming software for beginners, hits open beta


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Anybody can become a Twitch star, but getting set up can be complicated, especially on the PC.But Twitch’s own Twitch Studio software, which launched in open beta today after a closed beta period, aims to simplify the process and get you streaming to the masses quickly.

Microsoft Surface Pro X review: Sleek, but software hasn't caught up yet

The X factor You can tell the Pro X is supposed to feel futuristic because it's named X.It fits most of the Surface Pro 7's features into a slimmer, lighter body.

Pixel 4, Pixel Buds, Nest Mini: Google wants its software in every part of your life

The router could represent Google's broader ambitions:  As people aim to blanket every molecule of air in their homes with a strong internet signal, the company wants that physical space to be dominated by Google's products and services.The new line of gadgets is meant to inject the company's software into every element of people's lives.

Tesla subject of new NHTSA probe over battery software update

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Earlier this year, owners of 2012-2019 Tesla Model S and Model X electric cars received an over-the-air software update that was meant to address battery management systems.Now, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration wants to know if Tesla should have recalled the cars for a potential defect.

Tesla V10 software roll out begins in US, Spotify included

Thus, some owners could have Spotify integration by the end of the day.0 just started rolling out to all US Tesla owners with FSD option & “advanced download” selected in vehicle software settings— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) September 26, 2019

In a week, Tesla will roll the update out to owners without the Full Self-Drive option, according to Musk.