Try out the Google Pixel 4's Recorder transcription tech now, on your own phone

ai, you'll have a number of good speech-to-text transcription services that you can use for free.By

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Google’s forthcoming Recorder app promises to both record and transcribe audio into text within the Google Pixel 4.

It’s Time to Push Tech Forward, and Rebuild What It Broke

Nothing about the bridge's construction would be easy.In 2016, WIRED ran a photograph of Mark Zuckerberg on the cover with the line “Could Facebook Save Your Life?

Raise a gallop in your basslines with Tech 21's Steve Harris SH1 Signature SansAmp


(Image credit: Tech 21)

Tech 21 has unveiled the Steve Harris Signature SH1 SansAmp, which packs the Iron Maiden bassist's legendary tone into one small pedalboard-friendly unit.And Harris says that Tech 21's Andrew Barta has managed to pack his sound into the SH1.

How McLaren's track telemetry tech helped me go faster

This also isn't the first time I've driven the McLaren 720S, one of the outright best supercars in the world.And thanks to the 720S's onboard track telemetry, I'm learning how to get the most out of both.

With Pixel 4, Google's experimental tech bets finally enter the spotlight

James Martin/CNET
Amid a steady stream of leaks related to its upcoming Pixel 4 phone, Google released a "leak" of its own in July.The video was accompanied by a blog post touting Google's radar technology, which the company has been developing since 2015.

2020 Hyundai Sonata first drive review: Striking style, Tesla-like tech

5 liter is expected to commence later this year, closer to the 2020 Sonata's on-sale date.And the 2020 Hyundai Sonata feels set to ace the competition in these important disciplines.

iPhone 12 is Apple's next phone, according to acclaimed tech analyst

Mobile phones

The iPhone 11
(Image credit: Future)

It seems the iPhone 12 will very likely be Apple's 2020 smartphone, succeeding the iPhone 11 from 2019, according to a rather reliable source.This is what we thought of the iPhone 11And these are the best iPhone 11 dealsWhat are the best iPhones?

BNEF Brief: Industrial Companies Need Digital Tech

It's a bit like
the way we buy things as consumers on a monthly subscription
service and that's very new for industrial.If
they're doing sort of like it's a pay as you go model.

The iPhone 11 Pro Max is another in a long line of confusing tech names

Mobile phones

One of these is the iPhone 11 Pro, the other is the iPhone 11 Pro.Honestly, I was pretty much OK with the Surface Pro 2017 being called that, but then Microsoft released the Surface Pro 6 in 2018 without any meaningful changes, demonstrating that none of that mattered anyways.

The best new music tech gear of the month: review round-up (September 2019)

Here, we’re taking a look at all of the tech goodies to be reviewed on the site in the month of August.We start with the JZ Microphones Black Hole BH2.

IFA 2019 news, updates and everything we know from the huge tech show

IFA 2019 news, previews and everything you need to know

(Image credit: Tobia Schwarz/AFP/Getty)

IFA 2019 is now well into day two of the biggest tech show in Europe, with multiple brands having spewed out announcements about the latest and greatest tech on offer at the moment.An LG representative on the IFA 2019 show floor told us that its initial release would likely be Korea, either in 2019 or 2020.

Phone grips are the best tech accessory you can get your kid as they head back to school

Phone grips are the best tech accessory you can get your kid as they head back to school

(Image credit: Android Central)

This article originally appeared on Android Central and has been inducted into our Back to School guidePhone grips might seem like an unnecessary add-on — "How could you possibly need help holding onto a phone?Kick bad habits and poor productivity with phone grip kickstands(Image credit: Android Central)Phone stands are awesome, but they're only useful when you have them on you.

Three Years of Misery Inside Google, the Happiest Company in Tech

Finally, to a remarkable extent, Google's workers really do take “Don't Be Evil” to heart.But in many respects, Google's most vexing threats during that period came from inside the company itself.

How Smaller Cities Are Luring High-Tech Talent

Even so, the demand for workers versed in new digital technologies outpaced the supply, pushing wages up in these cities and attracting even more skilled workers.The first round of applications opened in January and attracted 33 remote workers from a variety of industries including software, insurance, and media.

Trump Asks Tech Companies to 'Detect Mass Shooters Before They Strike'

President Donald Trump called for a wide range of bipartisan solutions to help stop future mass shootings, even proposing social media companies create technology that detects potential shooters.Whatever they need," Trump continued.

New tech gear of the month: review round-up (August 2019)

Here, we take a look at all of the tech gear reviewed on the site in the month of July.”4 out of 5FULL REVIEW: Roland DJ-505(Originally reviewed in Future Music)

(Image: © Future)

Studiologic SL Mixface
MusicRadar's verdict:“A very compact yet well-equipped controller that integrates with either a regular USB keyboard or Studiologic controller.

10 tech innovations we saw at the Cricket World Cup

10 tech innovations we saw at the Cricket World Cup

(Image credit: ICC TV)

The ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup is over, and the England (and Wales) team won it.HotSpot(Image credit: Shutterstock)Part of the umpire’s Decision Review System (DRS), HotSpot is all about leg before wicket (lbw).

Chinese Tech Stocks Seek Boost From New Stock Exchange

China's new equity exchange for tech companies got off to rollicking start this week.The Shanghai Stock Exchange's Science and Technology Innovation board, dubbed the STAR Market by Chinese authorities, launched Monday with 25 newly-listed companies.

30 best July sales 2019 – fashion, fitness, tech, home appliances and more

Best July sales USWalmart's Big Save sale – live nowWalmart is running a Big Save sale with reductions on items in electronics, home appliances, sports and outdoors, clothing and more.Perhaps it saves on printing 'summer sale' and 'winter sale' stationery.

Leading By Obsession: Two Tech CEOs Share Their Secrets

The CEOs of two fast-growing tech companies, PagerDuty and Intuit, confessed on the stage of Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech in Aspen, Colo.The revelation came at the top of a conversation on “leadership” led by Fortune’s own CEO, Alan Murray, who asked both to share the secret of their success.