Tom Bergeron says he opposed casting Trump aide Sean Spicer


Published 2:03 PM EDT Aug 21, 2019

"Dancing with the Stars" is facing backlash from its own host after ABC's competition series announced Wednesday the upcoming Season 28 cast would include former Trump aide Sean Spicer.Tom Bergeron would like fans to know he opposed that casting decision.

Equinox Owner Under Fire for Trump Funder: raceAhead

Stephen Ross, the chairman of The Related Companies which owns Equinox, SoulCycle, and PURE Yoga, is under fire for throwing an expensive fundraising event for the current president.Calls for boycotts were immediate, and Equinox and SoulCycle were quick to disavow the event and him.

Dear President Trump: Video Games Are So Much More Than 'Violent'

Study after study has proved there is no link between violent video games and violent people.In a week where I've listened to a lot of people be wrong, this is the biggest lie I've heard.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Slams New York Times 'Trump Urges Unity' Front Page, Says It Aids White Supremacy

The Times reported on Trump's speech on the killings in Dayton and El Paso which left at least 31 people dead with the headline "Trump urges unity vs.Former Texas congressman Beto O'Rourke condemned the front page as "unbelievable" in response to a critical tweet by FiveThirtyEight editor Nate Silver.

After Trump Slams Video Games, GTA Bails out Take-Two Stock

“We must stop the glorification of violence in our society,” Trump said at the White House after the shootings killed 31 people.“This includes the gruesome and grisly video games that are now commonplace.

Trump's America: Where Politics Dictate the Definition of Racism

Through Noland's lens, Trump's message wasn't racist, it was truth.Yet Trump's rhetoric, she said, didn't load any gun or pull any trigger.

Trump Asks Tech Companies to 'Detect Mass Shooters Before They Strike'

President Donald Trump called for a wide range of bipartisan solutions to help stop future mass shootings, even proposing social media companies create technology that detects potential shooters.Whatever they need," Trump continued.

Trump's Social Media Summit Shows Regulation Is Coming to Silicon Valley—and It's About Time

If social media giants are not held accountable for the lack of transparency in the application of their policies, elections will be affected.While many social media users have long suspected targeted bias, now more evidence has been leaked from within Big Tech companies.

How 5G got tied up in a trade war between Trump and China

Getty Images
What do 5G and the Chinese telecom-gear maker Huawei have to do with the escalating trade war between the US and China?In that document, China calls the US' accusations that it's stealing advanced technologies an "insult to China's efforts to push for scientific and technological advances.

Huawei P30 Pro Android Q update confirmed – by Donald Trump!

Just over a week after T3 reported that the Huawei P30 Pro, P30 and Mate 20 Pro will get the Android Q update after all, it has been confirmed by United States president Donald Trump that "US companies can sell their equipment to Huawei" once more.Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus review"US companies can sell their equipment to Huawei," Trump stated.

Trump tariffs on Chinese goods could cost you $120 more for notebook PCs, say Dell, HP and CTA

“At best, these consumers would continue using older models that do not enable the latest security features.”The Trump tariffs would not be paid by China or the Chinese manufacturers themselves.

Pro-Donald Trump Advertisement Uses Footage From Video Game Mass Effect

Update: The YouTube video appears to have been deleted, but you can still watch the commercial on Donald Trump's Twitter.The only thing worse than a Donald Trump supporter is a Donald Trump supporter with an unhealthy obsession with video games and access to basic video editing software.

Facebook Limits Huawei's Access to WhatsApp and Instagram as Trump Ban Escalates

According to Reuters, the social networking giant has cut Huawei's ability to "pre-install" its popular applications—including WhatsApp, Instagram and the main Facebook app—on its smartphones.That means they will no longer appear on Huawei devices by default.

These Trump Socks Went Viral—Then Came the Counterfeiters

The bizarre-looking socks quickly went viral, and were covered by a smattering of news outlets.Several media outlets linked to Gumball Poodle’s Amazon listing, and soon the Trump socks reached Amazon's best seller list for men's novelty socks.

New York Times Reports Deutsche Bank Flagged Trump and Kushner Transactions

These four lengthy sentences from The New York Times should be enough for people of good will and patriotism to consider ending a presidency.Anti-money laundering specialists at Deutsche Bank recommended in 2016 and 2017 that multiple transactions involving legal entities controlled by Donald J.

Trump’s Huawei ban a ‘double-edged sword’

Trump’s Huawei ban a ‘double-edged sword’

US president Donald Trump’s move to effectively ban Chinese telecommunications firms from doing business with American companies is going to impact both the nations and the global tech industry alike, industry experts said.He said that Huawei’s 5G equipment is cheaper, for sure, so while the US could use products from other vendors they are usually of higher cost.

Trump talks immigration, invites man wearing border wall suit to stage


Published 10:44 PM EDT May 20, 2019

WASHINGTON – Amid chants of "build that wall," President Donald Trump found one supporter that truly tried to embody one of the president's main policy initiatives.His supporters began chanting "build that wall," when Trump spotted Marnell, who was sporting the signature red "Make America Great Again" cap and a suit designed to look like a brick wall.

Donald Trump criticizes Fox News for Pete Buttigieg town hall


Published 8:13 PM EDT May 19, 2019

President Donald Trump again criticized Fox News for covering 2020 Democratic presidential candidates on Sunday, hours before a town hall with Pete Buttigieg.Interview take: Donald Trump mocks 'Crazy Bernie' Sanders after Fox News town hall

Nickname: Trump compares Pete Buttigieg to Alfred E.

Mueller report reveals how Donald Trump pushed Coats, Pompeo, Rogers

When Mike Pompeo was Trump’s first CIA director, Trump complained to him multiple times that no one would publicly defend him in the Russia investigation.The key event was a March 22, 2017 Oval Office meeting that included Trump, Coats and Pompeo.

Donald Trump faces fresh battle as Dems demand answers

After the report was released, the details of Trump's actions seemed to energize Democrats even though most of the revelations had previously been reported.Why did so many of Trump's aides lie to the special counsel and Congress about their interactions?