How to screenshot on a Windows 10 PC

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How to screenshot on a Windows 10 PC

Quickly capture what you see

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In this guide we'll show you how to take a screenshot on a Windows 10 PC.We’ll go over the various methods you can take a screenshot in Windows 10 and explain the options for more advanced and fine-tuned screenshots.

Hands on: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare review

Early Verdict
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare looks to take the series away from the Battle Royale craze, and back to its roots of high-paced action.If you're looking for a quick game mode that you can sneak in on your lunch break, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has you covered.

Good Boys review: "Raucous fun that all comes down to the same, recycled, R-rated punchline"

In Good Boys, director Gene Stupnitsky and his writing partner Lee Eisenberg (Year One, Bad Teacher) attempt to pull off the same trick.This being a Seth Rogen production, though, getting there is anything but innocent.

Dora and the Lost City of Gold review: "Isabela Moner hilariously upbeat Dora is downright delightful"

Our Verdict
Tween-appropriate action and jungle-genre gags keep this family-friendly reboot giggly rather than gripping

Nearly 20 years’ worth of tinies have grown up on the beloved Dora The Explorer’s TV cartoon jungle jaunts.But James Bobin’s cheery if wholesomely predictable live-action big-screen transplant takes a gently spoofing tone, getting knowing gags out of Dora’s (Isabela Moner) bottomless backpack and trademark smiley to-camera questions.

Range Rover P400e - best plug-in hybrid cars | Best plug-in hybrids 2019

Traditionally, if you were in the market for a Range Rover, fuel efficiency and company car tax wouldn’t have been at the top of your agenda.The P400e’s claimed 90mpg is astounding on paper, given the Range Rover’s historical ‘gas-guzzling’ tag.

New McLaren GT by MSO to debut at Pebble Beach

Called the McLaren GT by MSO, it will feature on the event’s Concept Car Lawn on Sunday 18 August.Inside, the McLaren GT features a pair of carbon fibre shift paddles, leather upholstery, a set of MSO floor mats and an electrochromic roof.

Windows PCs can be hijacked through Notepad

Windows PCs can be hijacked through Notepad

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Windows PCs could be at risk from a major security flaw triggered by one of the platform's most popular software offerings.A leading security researcher has highlighted a vulnerability that would allow hackers to take over control of an entire PC simply by loading some malicious code using Notepad.

Google attacks Windows by comparing it to a broken-down car

Google attacks Windows by comparing it to a broken-down car

(Image credit: Google)

The fight between the big tech companies can sometimes be vicious, and in a new advert for its Chromebook laptops, Google takes a sly dig at Microsoft’s rival operating system Windows 10, by comparing it to an old car that’s falling apart.How to run Android apps on your ChromebookGoogle Fuchsia release date, news and rumorsWhat is a Google Chromebook?

Tesla Model 3 - best executive cars | Best executive cars 2019

Not only did the Tesla Model 3 win Best Electric Car of the Year at the 2019 Auto Express New Car Awards, it took home Car of the Year as well.As with all electric cars, range is the most queried stat.

Kinect on Windows officially announced for 2012

The platform, which has been in development for some time by Microsoft's Kinect for Windows Team, will see a commercial launch in early 2012.Team GM Craig Eisler, acknowledging the effect Kinect has already has on gaming and entertainment, modestly promised the launch of Kinect for Windows would enable users to “re-imagine” not just those fields – but everything else as well.

Xbox One gets remote play of its own with Windows 10 streaming

This means users can set up with their preferred Windows 10 device and a controller to play Xbox One wherever their local network reaches, rather than being stuck in front of the TV.Windows 10 will also head to Xbox One in a more native format, meaning it will be easier for developers to bring their Windows applications to the platform.

How to stop a Windows 10 update

How To
How to stop a Windows 10 update

Put updates on hold

Welcome to our guide on how to stop a Windows 10 update.Now go to 'Update & Security', click 'Windows Update' on the left-hand side, then click 'Advanced options'.

Is Windows 7 a revolution for PC gamers?

The hype machine surrounding October’s launch of Windows 7 has come and gone, and there are still plenty of gamers yet to be sold on the direct benefits gained from shelling out for the new OS.Or, more likely, they have yet to actually play a DirectX 11-powered game that shows off what Windows 7 is going to do for PC gaming.

Best hatchbacks to buy now 2019

Below you’ll find the top 10 best family hatchbacks on sale today according to our team of seasoned reviewers.• Best cheap, fuel efficient, used cars to buy 2019There’s a great range of engines on offer; a 114bhp 1.

Fortnite containers with windows: Where to search chests inside containers with windows

This challenge is no different, because each of the Fortnite containers with windows isn't a real window; it's simply graffiti sprayed on.Here are all of the Fortnite containers with windows locations we've found to complete the challenge.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword release window announced

DuringNintendo%26rsquo;s press conference at the E3 Expo in Los Angeles, a big deal was made of the Legend of Zelda franchise%26rsquo;s 25th anniversary, including a live orchestra playing music from the series.The Legend of Zelda: The Skyward Sword, finally has a definite release window.

OXM Opinion: What Windows 10 means for Xbox One

At the heart of every Xbox One’s operating system there lurks a Windows kernel, curled up in the darkness like a Chestburster from Alien, awaiting its moment.At its Windows 10 presentation in January, Microsoft took this overlap to a new extreme.

New 2019 Renault Clio prices and specs

The all-new Renault Clio will cost from £14,295, the French car maker has revealed.From October, Renault will also offer an SCe 75, which features a normally aspirated three-cylinder petrol engine.

New Land Rover Defender ride review

The all-new Land Rover Defender isn’t just one of 2019’s most eagerly awaited cars; it’s one that enthusiasts have been dying to see for nearly a decade.“At least, they’re at that point in a Defender; some of its rivals don’t react in the same way.

Renault Megane R.S. vs Honda Civic Type R

While the standard model wasn’t able to beat the Honda Civic Type R in our first test, this Renault Megane R.Head-to-headModel:Renault Megane R.